• DJS Solicitors Helpline: 01992 300845 Link to Darren Sylvester
      • EMD Law LLP Helplines: 01580 890600 or 01424 420261 – We can offer emergency assistance regarding wills,matrimonial and children issues and employment Link to EMD Law website
      • Every Solicitors Helpline: 0800 8840640 Link to Every Solicitors website
      • Gregg Latchams – We remain fully open and functioning in these strange times. We offer a full legal service so can assist with wills, employment advice, matrimonial, insolvency and litigious matters. Our main number is 0117 906 9400 and direct 0117 906 9424 Link to Richard Gore
      • Hanscomb Intercontinental have established an international task force to support its clients in the construction,
        engineering and shipbuilding industries following the Coronavirus COV-19 outbreak. Our dedicated email address for the COV-19 is being monitored 24 hours a day and we have teams across the world’s time zones.
      • KE Costs Lawyers are able to continue to provide expert Legal Costs advice, with our team working seamlessly via the effective remote access hub, we are providing services as normal. Our emergency number which is available for any Legal Costs query is: 07540987211 Link to Colin Carr
      •  Knights Plc – Helpline: 01625 704185 – Contact: Melissa Worth [] – In these unprecedented times, Knights plc is fully operational and able to provide advice in relation to those affected by the Coronavirus in the following areas:  
        • Insurance policy coverage disputes;
        • Insolvency;
        • Employment advice;
        • Disputes with suppliers, customers and contractors;
        • Revision and review of terms and conditions;
        • Landlord and tenant disputes; and
        • Reputation protection.

        We have a dedicated team for all enquiries, please email for details.


      • Radcliffe Chambers remains open and able to advise clients during lockdown Link to Radcliffe Chambers website
      • Shoosmiths LLP Link to Matthew Howarth England & Wales  Link to Andrew Foyle Scotland  direct dial 03700 868 053 Link to Gillian Crotty Northern Ireland
      • Slee Blackwell Solicitors Link for Lee Dawkins Link for Special Offer – Help protect Family Finances Link Free Legal Helpline 
      • Smith Partnership Solicitors: Helpline 0116 247 2001 Link to Alison Neate  OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: Professional liability (including no win, no fee)- Wills and probate- Insolvency (individual and companies) -Debt recovery (at fixed rates)- Commercial litigation- Commercial property- Crime (inc legal aid)- Childcare (private and public, inc legal aid)- Personal Injury (no win, no fee) – Clinical negligence (no win, no fee)
      • Temple Legal Protection – Litigation Funding – emergency contact number 07774 476282 Link to Matthew Pascall
      • Wilson Browne Solicitors: Link to constantly updated hub PNLA Members Stuart Love   Kevin Rogers  Jayna Patel
      • Caselines: For litigation matters, including virtual or remote hearings, widely available tools such as Skype and Zoom will ensure that it will be relatively easy to see and hear the participants. The challenge, however, is to make sure judges and participants can all see the evidence; this is where reliance on PDFs will prove unsatisfactory. CaseLines delivers the necessary tools for everyone to see the evidence and addresses three critical problems:
        • Allows lawyers and admin staff to work remotely on bundles if offices have to close
        • Simplifies disclosure – essential if law firms have a reduced complement of staff
        • Facilitates remote and virtual hearings which will be necessary as courts close or limit access

        Anyone interested can obtain support through or by telephoning 020 3922 0840. There is also information and support material available on the website

The PNLA is the association for professionals who specialise in dealing with disputes with non-medical professionals.

The dispute starts with the involved parties. The claimant is the individual or business who sought help. The defendant is the professional adviser who may be funded by professional indemnity insurers.

As more people become involved in the dispute process, the parties concerned instruct lawyers. Expert witnesses are often required to review the service of the professional and assess breach of duty.

Litigation funders become involved when parties need help to finance the legal costs and expenses.

Mediators or adjudicators may be appointed, with the agreement of all parties, to try and resolve the dispute by Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) instead of going to Court. 

More people will become involved if legal proceedings are commenced. The Court will be responsible for managing the timetable and procedure. A Judge will be asked to decide which party is successful in the outcome of the dispute.

Usually, the losing party has to pay the legal costs. Assessing the amount may need the assistance of costs lawyers, or law costs draftsmen.

BROWSE MEMBERS to help you find the right lawyer with experience in the type of dispute concerned, in the geographical region that is most convenient to you. It may be that you will need to go outside your region to find the appropriate lawyer to assist you. 

BROWSE SPECIALISTS to find the wider team needed.

Find out more from Do you need a Lawyer? and Find a Specialist or contact our helpline 0117 905 5316

A dispute may start with two people, a client and a professional, and end involving many. There are hundreds of thousands of disputes every year collectively making these disputes a considerable influence in society.

The PNLA mission to protect and promote a proper and fair procedure is important.  Lord Bach (Hansard 30 January 2012) eloquently describes what happens without it:

‘The perpetrators of the payment protection insurance misselling scandal – the mortgage misselling scandal of the 1980s and 1990s which noble lords will remember – and thousands of other instances when rogue professionals have abused their position of trust, will go unpunished and unheard. Their victims will multiply in a system where those who have been wronged are dissuaded from taking action’

Access to the PNLA network of events for lawyers

The PNLA offers a dedicated conference programme to lawyers and specialists. These events are aimed at keeping practitioners up to date, as well as to share ideas and discuss problems in a convivial and friendly environment. Experts within their fields, including those involved with recent, and sometimes ground breaking, cases are invited to speak, together with guest speakers from political and regulatory backgrounds.

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