SRA scoping options for post 6 year run off cover by 31 August 2022

Solicitors are being invited by the SRA to provide their consultation responses by 31 August 2022 as follows:

‘We are currently scoping out options for delivering future protection for post six-year negligence in an efficient, effective and proportionate way, with input from SIF Limited and other stakeholders and with expert consultancy from Willis Towers Watson (WTW).

The options we are considering include retaining the SIF with changes to reduce operating costs, and replacing the SIF with a new consumer protection arrangement within the SRA.’

SRA Discussion Paper Consultation Responses by 31 August 2022 SIF 6 year run off cover

The PNLA has been invited to attend a meeting on 15 August 2022. Members please contact with any thoughts and views to put forward in addition to any written responses to be sent in response to the SRA consultation by 31 August 2022.

The method of consumer protection cover that the SRA decides to offer will have a considerable impact on negligence claims against solicitors in the future and the PNLA recommends careful review of this consultation paper by all members.

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