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The Professional Negligence Lawyers’ Association was formed in 2004 as it was felt that the general public had no obvious focal point to obtain help if they were in dispute with a professional and were looking for a specialist to enable them resolve the problem.  

Since then, The Professional Negligence Lawyers’ Association has been the standard point of reference for both claimants and professionals where problems of professional negligence are encountered. Please see "About the Association" for more details.

PNLA Professional Negligence Seminar - London - 21st October 2014

Our next professional negligence seminar to be held in London will be held at Broadway House, Tothill Street on 21st October 2014. Please click on "Continue reading" to obtain a copy of the brochure/application form.

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PNLA Annual Dublin Conference - 1st October 2014

Our next Professional Negligence Conference will be held in Dublin at the Morrison Hotel on 1st October 2014. Please click on "Continue reading" for the brochure.

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New PNLA ATE Insurance Scheme

The PNLA has recently agreed a new ATE Insurance Scheme for members with Temple Legal Protection. Please click on "continue reading" for more details.

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PNLA Seminars in 2014

Some advance details of our seminars which we are running in 2014. Please click on "Continue Reading" for more details.

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