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Kathryn Britten


  • Chartered Accountant
  • 7206215
  • 01/07/1979

  • London
  • AlixPartners
    6 New Street Square
    EC4A 3BF


Kathryn is a Chartered Accountant and a Managing Director at AlixPartners. She has specialised in forensic accounting and dispute consulting services for the last 25 years and has more than 40 years’ experience in the accounting profession. She is one of the UK’s most senior and experienced accounting experts and has extensive experience of both litigation and arbitration.
Kathryn carries out financial and regulatory investigations and provides expert witness and dispute resolution services including early assessment and advice, on-going support, reporting and testifying before courts and tribunals. She also advises in alternative dispute resolution including mediation and expert determination and is regularly appointed as an independent determiner.
Kathryn is engaged in disputes concerning financial accounting and auditing issues as well as quantum and damages calculations. Throughout her career she has worked across a very wide range of industries and sectors including professional services, financial services, natural resources, telecommunications, IT, hospitality, wholesale, retail, pharmaceutical, construction, shipping, logistics, airlines, travel and transport, as well as the public sector and regulators. She has extensive experience in high-profile and international cases involving accounting and auditing issues or complex calculations of loss and damages.
Kathryn has written hundreds of accounting and quantum reports and has testified on many occasions. She is particularly known for her keen analytical mind, her professionalism and her ability to adapt to clients’ needs. Her extensive knowledge and wealth of experience enable her to provide robust testimony before courts and tribunals and to assist with successful and significant

Areas of Expertise

  • Accountants
  • Management Consultants
  • Solicitor - Commercial Litigation