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Fabian Krougman

PNLA Member

ICL Chambers

  • Cilex Lawyer
  • 50192190
  • 01/12/2001

  • International
  • Acaciastraat 2
    The Netherlands


am a confident, hardworking and charismatic advocate with excellent oral and written communication and advocacy skills. I possess the ability to process information logically and clearly and I have a strong understanding of the law I practice and strive to advise and represent my clients at trial as best I can.
My international practice is focused on International Criminal Defence, International Law, Human Rights litigation, Libel – slander and defamation and the representation of victims of crimes and Personal Injury.

My national practice is focused on Personal Injury, representation of victims of crimes, Animal Welfare Law and professional regulatory work.

My drive to practice law is to give people who cannot speak for themselves a voice, especially when they are on trial for there lives. Access to legal representation is a key human right.

Specialist Type

  • Crime